Noog allows you to bring the digital world into the real world. It can be quite fun.  


Old Google


Project Glass #Googly Eyes

This is where any normal human being would be questioning the effects that these glasses would have on ones eye or mental stability.  ALSO advertising would be closer to our eyes than it's ever been, BIG BROTHER, Google has gone too far, ect ect///   There really are so many things wrong with this...   

And yet,


8-BIT Google Maps for the NES. #AprilFools

I was SO EXCITED for this. It proved that even in these desperate times of lawsuits and counter lawsuits between major companies through out the world, there was still hope for cool things to happen between 2 of the most human conscious companies the world has too offer. BUT ITS FAKE and I'm not shocked. I would of defiantly payed upwards of $150 for this little piece.  ALSO: why did they use the Backtrack Logo?


Sue Harding!

DOT MATRIX. This woman is so awesome. She makes music and art from printers. I think I'm in love...




This is the Lego Mindstorms NXT  2.0  Beer Machine .

For some reason the creator of this video decided to use L@dy G@g@ as a background song. SO MUTE THAT sʰɨɬ, and play the soundcloud link provided. Synching doesn't really matter.

It's also a good idea to skip the video to the 30 second mark, unless you really want to see the stills.


Respect your elders by shoving young things into them.

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This is the Frankintosh project – housing a G4 Mac Mini in the case of an Apple //c. From all outward appearances, a stock Apple IIc or //c with a little wear and tear. Inside, it sports a 1.4GHz G4 with a gigabyte of RAM. A far cry from its original 1MHz 65C02 and 128K of RAM.
Everything you see is still fully functional. The original keyboard is rewired and run through an Arduino (Teensy) so it can be used as a USB keyboard for the Mini. MH has also maintained many of the original ports, and repurposed a couple for updated peripherals. For instance, the mouse/joystick port has been wired up to a USB port on the Mini. To plug into this, an M0100 mouse has been fitted with the guts of an optical USB mouse, wired to the original 9-pin connector.
To attach to the original Apple monochrome display, MH built a VGA adapter that outputs monochrome NTSC via RCA. Instructions and pinouts for the adapter were found here. To adjust the sync and refresh rate, MH used SwitchResX.

More images of the process can be found here



Boston Dynamics seems like a military operation for soldier training er something. This is PETMAN, the human counterpart to LS3. PETMAN is used to simulate a soldiers everyday routine actions in order to test outer garments in realistic conditions.


Things are about to get serious, Grad School in Chicago (FAUX Columbia) here I come.


Photocell Theramin + Kaoss Pad:

Grayson  Bagwell + Max Cohn
May 3rd, 2010


The Grayson Bagwell App

My new project is too make an Android app that allows people to use my scans as wallpaper. I imagine this will be finished in about 1 or 2 months (but who knows). So far so good though.


Begining Stages of the Photo Theremin

This was made for Prof. Liubos' Robotics class.

I'm kinda strange when I get into my creative moods, for that I apologize.


Finally I've updated mah REAL website

I'm in the middle of spring break and my girlfriend is in California and my roommate is in Canada so I've got a ton of free time. I have used that time to update my actual website. So put on some dope jams and go to a newly UPDATED graysonbagwell.com to see a larger collection of my recent work.


Another Peice.

I'm working on a show right now so most of my time is spent getting ready for that, but when I have more time I'll try and convert some of my older TIFF scans to JPEG, but right now they aren't relevant.

The AHA Moment, My first Glitched Scan. #MDJGH

This is the first example of a glitched scan that I'm posting. Cuz it's the first one, so I'll go over a few specs.

~I am currently exploiting scanners in order to manipulate the incoming image data that it's reading.

~The original files for these scans run between 50Mb - 1Gb, they are all TIFF files.

~None of the achieved imagery was created in photoshop or any graphic design program. Except to scan from/ print files. 


Çircuit Bent Printmaking

Circuit Bent Printmaking is just one term that could be used for this process, prepared scanning is another, one could say "Analog Distortion" and argue that it's not a glitch. At any rate,I'm working with  prepared scanners to achieve prints that show the electrical disruptions happening within the circuitry of my scanners.  This is a video of a single print being created right off the scanner. To me these serve as Mono-Prints (print lingo) due to the fact that they will never be %100 duplicated. When digitally scanning the image, you create a file that can be reprinted. Im using clear plastic sheets to create "plates" for scanned imagery. Currently I'm painting directly onto the plate, which can then easily be placed on top of and removed from the scanner. And here is a picture of the Mono-Print. *CLICK PICTURE TO SEE DETAIL*