Çircuit Bent Printmaking

Circuit Bent Printmaking is just one term that could be used for this process, prepared scanning is another, one could say "Analog Distortion" and argue that it's not a glitch. At any rate,I'm working with  prepared scanners to achieve prints that show the electrical disruptions happening within the circuitry of my scanners.  This is a video of a single print being created right off the scanner. To me these serve as Mono-Prints (print lingo) due to the fact that they will never be %100 duplicated. When digitally scanning the image, you create a file that can be reprinted. Im using clear plastic sheets to create "plates" for scanned imagery. Currently I'm painting directly onto the plate, which can then easily be placed on top of and removed from the scanner. And here is a picture of the Mono-Print. *CLICK PICTURE TO SEE DETAIL*

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